The help message for the net user command

Richard Sharpe root at
Sun Oct 20 11:19:02 GMT 2002


It seems that 'net help user' provides the following message:

net <method> user [misc. options] [targets]
	List users

net <method> user DELETE <name> [misc. options] [targets]
	Delete specified user

net <method> user INFO <name> [misc. options] [targets]
	List the domain groups of the specified user

net <method> user ADD <name> [password] [-F user flags] [misc. options]
	Add specified user
Valid methods: (auto-detected if not specified)
	ads				Active Directory (LDAP/Kerberos)
	rpc				DCE-RPC
	rap				RAP (older systems)

Valid targets: choose one (none defaults to localhost)
	-S or --server=<server>		server name
	-I or --ipaddress=<ipaddr>	address of target server
	-w or --workgroup=<wg>		target workgroup or domain

Valid miscellaneous options are:
	-p or --port=<port>		connection port on target
	-W or --myworkgroup=<wg>	client workgroup
	-d or --debug=<level>		debug level (0-10)
	-n or --myname=<name>		client name
	-U or --user=<name>		user name
	-s or --conf=<path>		pathname of smb.conf file
	-l or --long			Display full information
	-C or --comment=<comment>	descriptive comment (for add only)

However, a little experimentation shows that it is wrong. For example, it
is '--port <port>' not '--port=<port>' and so on.

Can anyone confirm this and fix the help command.
rsharpe at,,
sharpe at, sharpe at

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