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Fri Oct 18 11:24:00 GMT 2002

>sorry, but I answered about about this (the next rid of course):
>+               new_rid = (uint32)atol(old_rid_string);
>+               if (rid > new_rid) new_rid = rid;
>+               /* Try to make the modification atomically by enforcing the
>+                  old value in the delete mod. */
>+               make_a_mod(&mods, LDAP_MOD_DELETE, "rid", old_rid_string);
>+               make_a_mod(&mods, LDAP_MOD_ADD, "rid", new_rid_string);
>in the original volker's one, but answered over the yours,
>sorry again.
>if some one has 27.000 users and these users may access to any computer in 
>10 domains, and one (sub)tree is required for domain, then we enforce to 
>maintain 270.000 accounts...  27.000 per domain, and this may be a pain... 
>is a real case.

Do you want that every user is in every domain? and only non_unix_account 
users are in one domain?

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