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> Microsoft have documented all the DOS error codes at :

Note that if you turn off Javascript (always a good idea) you can display 
just the table of error codes by using the URL:

> Plus here's the docs on the internal (NTDLL.DLL) API they use to
> convert from NT_STATUS to DOS error codes.

I note that this second one says:

   There is no function that provides the inverse functionality of

That suggests that server-to-server communication is always expected to 
use NT_STATUS codes.  See:
If you had a situation that was the opposite of what is shown in the 
diagram (smb-07) then the server in the middle would need to have a 
mechanism for converting DOS codes to NT_STATUS codes.  That is, if you 
had a PDC and a server that had negotiated DOS codes and the client wants 
NT_STATUS codes, then either:
- the client would also need to make do with DOS codes, or
- the server in the middle would need to translate from DOS to NT_STATUS 

I mention all this because when I asked people about it while writing that 
part of my book there were some different answers.  Fun stuff.

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