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    I had purchased a ntifs kit.Now I am developping a NFS software in the kit.This software have a Smb server and some win2000 server nodes which are the smb clients.The Raid can be accessed by all win2000 server nodes.My software can working in good manner,but it have some errors.One of them is 
when a win2000 node modify a file(directory)(e.g. add a file and delete a file),the others win2000 nodes can not know the modification and can not update automatically.I do not know how can modify this error.
In DDK\src\filesys\smbmrx\sys\fsctl.c has the function.
      IN OUT PRX_CONTEXT RxContext)

Routine Description:

   This routine performs a directory change notification operation


    RxContext - the RDBSS context

Return Value:

    RXSTATUS - The return status for the operation


    A directory change notification opertaion is an asychronous operation. It
    consists of sending a SMB requesting change notification whose response is
    obtained when the desired change is affected on the server.

DbgPrint("META: MRxSmbNotifyChangeDirectory zwl.\n");
DbgPrint("MajorFunction is %d\n",RxContext->MajorFunction);
DbgPrint("MinorFunction is %d\n",RxContext->MinorFunction);
    DbgPrint("META: MRxSmbNotifyChangeDirectory.\n");

    RxDbgTrace(+1, Dbg, ("MRxNotifyChangeDirectory...Entry\n", 0));

    RxDbgTrace(-1, Dbg, ("MRxSmbNotifyChangeDirectory -> %08lx\n", Status ));

    return Status;
The function have not been implemented.
If I want to modify the error,what will I do?Would you be so kind to give me
some advices.
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