Samba 2.2.6rc4 released

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Oct 16 06:20:59 GMT 2002

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Heads up everyone....

This is a preview snapshot of SAMBA_2_2 cvs branch.  This is a 
non-production release provided for testing purposes only.
Hopefully this will be the last RC before the final release but 
you never know until you taste it.  Please note the modified 
and removed parameters.  

( Changes since 2.2.6rc3 )

83) Fix infinite looping bug in winbindd_getgrent()
84) Fix crash bug on 64-bit systems (merge from HEAD)
85) Fix extended character bug when setting LanMan/NT password
86) Negotiate same SMB read size as a Windows 2000 file server
    to fix performance bug with NT4 clients

See the WHATSNEW.txt and smb.conf(5) man pages for the full 
details.  Gzipped and bzipped2 versions of the source and 
patches can be found at

GnuPG  signature are included in the download directory.
The distribution account's public key can be obtained from

RedHat [S]RPMS will be available soon on all mirrors.

				-- Enjoy
				The SAMBA Team

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