debian: smbfs: support for large files (>2GB) in sid with 2.4.19

Urban Widmark urban at
Mon Oct 14 14:16:29 GMT 2002

On Mon, 14 Oct 2002, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> The 'Samba Team' doesn't maintain smbfs, and without those changes a patch 
> to smbmount doesn't make to much sense.  That said, I don't mind applying 
> them - but it's not been a priority.

I have a bunch of changes, mostly bugfixes, that I wanted in 2.2.6 but the
patch got lost in samba-patches. That's fine, I didn't push it, but it has
been there since July ... (don't bother with that version anymore, btw).

I plan to split up what I have and send smaller pieces to samba-technical,
or where ever patches should be sent to. The release are on a separate
branch? I guess I don't have to wait until after 2.2.6 then.

This patch contains most of the changes:

I don't think it applies to 3.0 (but someone said it did?) but something
similar is needed there, plus adding kerberos and "spnego" (+8/-6 lines).


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