rpc_client/cli_dfs.c (not?) moved to libsmb/cli_dfs.c

Green, Paul Paul.Green at stratus.com
Mon Oct 14 12:58:01 GMT 2002

Tim Potter [mailto:tpot at samba.org] wrote:

> On Sun, Oct 13, 2002 at 09:00:17PM -0400, Green, Paul wrote:
> > HEAD has cli_dfs.c in the directory source/rpc_client.
> > 2_2 and 3_0 have cli_dfs.c in the directory source/libsmb.
> > 
> > These file locations match source/Makefile.in *except* in 
> 3_0, where it claims that cli_dfs.c is in source/rpc_client.

> I'm just wondering whether your cvs trees are out of date.  The version
> of Makefile.in in CVS for samba 3.0 looks in rpc_client for cli_dfs.c

Hmm.  I'm using rsync not CVS...Looks like I am getting the same version of
Makefile.in using rsync that you see using CVS (good), but where is the
actual file when you extract it from CVS?  rsync puts the file into libsmb
not into rpc_client.

I tried deleting the rpc_client and libsmb directories and re-running the
script, but it didn't help.  This file is still in a different directory
than Makefile.in expects.

Whatever is going on, it is affecting many other samba_3_0 builds in the
build farm; e.g. AIX, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris 8, and my VOS system. So I
don't think it is anything I'm doing or not doing.  See
http://build.samba.org and look at the failing samba_3_0 builds....

I tried moving cli_dfs.c from libsmb into rpc_client (by hand) and
discovered that now cli_lsarpc.c is in the wrong dir.  Could it be that
someone back-ported some changes from head into Makefile.in but didn't move
the files themselves?

Here are the typical error messages. These are from the existing broken
FreeBSD 3.3 build, but they are the same ones I got before I tried to fix it
up by hand.

configure: warning: running as non-root will disable some tests
awk: script/mkproto.awk:117: (FILENAME=registry/reg_printing.c FNR=814)
fatal: cannot open file `rpc_client/cli_dfs.c' for reading (No such file or
In file included from include/includes.h:798,
                 from smbd/server.c:22:
include/proto.h:1: unterminated `#if' conditional

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