Commit my stuff to 3.0?

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Sun Oct 13 16:11:01 GMT 2002

>>  I really think that until the admin does not map the suers,
>>the unmapped uids shuld simply not be mapped, and an error sent into the
>that's fine. ( that was the reason I wanted to seperate the storages of 
>the local domain stuff and the winbind domains, but it's not needed then)
>>(we may also think of an automatic mapping for NAS products, and
>>lazy admins ;)
>sounds good! maybe a switch to allow the 'add on not found' or not.

It would also be nice to have SID's or uid/gid's that are explicit not mapped.

maybe S-1-5-21-6456456457-75467575678567-6745754674567-677567 -> (-1)

uid 567567 -> S-0-0 (NULL SID)

to avoid question to the central idmap for unmapped id's.(for computer 

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