smbpasswd replication

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Fri Oct 11 06:36:00 GMT 2002

richard wrote:
> Can't see how Steve? Unless you mean sharing usernames across multiple
> pcs in different offices. To clarify:
> our network consists of 4 offices linked by vpns through the internet.
> At present we auth to an Nt4 pdc in main office which works fine until
> "telstra" our isp goes down...hence my need for a "bdc" type of backup
> authentication.
> For us the chance of the same user/password being modified on two
> different servers at the same time is negligible. and if we only
> replicate the individual user/passwords that change the whole database
> should remain in a consistent state....unless I've missed something?
> Richard.

So why don't you use a real BDC setup (either NT->NT or Samba->Samba)? 
Authenticaion works fine while the PDC is unreachable, and involves no
link traffic.  Only changes go from PDC -> BDC, and you can use a proven
setup like LDAP to do it.  Clients 'know' to contact the PDC when they
want to chase somthing.  You *really* don't want changes on the
indiviual servers.

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