Patch: convenience feature for non-domain clients

Herb Lewis herb at
Wed Oct 9 19:14:32 GMT 2002

Richard Sharpe wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Oct 2002, Herb Lewis wrote:
> > I really like this approach. I am seeing more and more setups where
> > machines are being setup in exacly this configuration. It would be
> > nice to have winbindd use existing UID's instead of always creating
> > new ones for domain\user. With the existing "use default domain"
> > this is not sufficient when you are in a resource domain and all your
> > user names are in the auth domain.
> Hmmm, doesn't this assume name equivalence though, between flat names in
> the auth domain and names on the UNIX system?
> What happens in the current case?

Well that is exacly what use default domain was supposed to do for you
but if your machine is in a resource domain, then the "default" domain
is wrong and all users get added as <auth domain>\<user>.

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