Patch: convenience feature for non-domain clients

Herb Lewis herb at
Wed Oct 9 18:50:00 GMT 2002

Mike Gerdts wrote:
> Perhaps a slight variant of this that would be useful would be something
> along the lines of "force domain = <auth domain>".  The difference is
> that when your samba servers are part of a resource domain that is
> different than your authentication domain, the authentication would
> happen against your authentication domain, rather than the (machine
> only) resource domain.
> Mike

I really like this approach. I am seeing more and more setups where
machines are being setup in exacly this configuration. It would be
nice to have winbindd use existing UID's instead of always creating
new ones for domain\user. With the existing "use default domain"
this is not sufficient when you are in a resource domain and all your
user names are in the auth domain.

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