Winbind quasi case sensitivity.

Wouter de Bie wouter at
Wed Oct 9 15:20:00 GMT 2002

Hi all!

I've been playing with winbind for the last couple of days and I found out
that winbind isn't really consistent in (non-)case sensitivity.
Take a look at the following example:

gaffel:/etc/samba# id e.heinen
uid=10053(E.Heinen) gid=10010(GroupIT) groups=10010(GroupIT)

gaffel:/etc/samba# id E.Heinen
uid=10053(E.Heinen) gid=10010(GroupIT) groups=10010(GroupIT),10003(Domain
Admins),10000(Domain Users),10005(Global Server
Ops),10022(HeccOndernemingsaad),10035(Webmail users)

'id e.heinen' returns the uid and the gid, but not all groups. 'id E.Heinen'
(the way the username is known in the domain) does return all groups.

If you su - e.heinen, everything works, because su is started with uid 10053
and a whoami shows E.Heinen. I found this behaviour because I autenticate
certain NT groups through Radius. Radius didn't get all the groups from

If winbind is supposed to react as normally known on a unix system, it
should return "id: e.heinen: No such user" when case does not match.
Otherwise, I recon that this is a bug and should be therefor fixed :)

I run Samba 2.999+3.0.alpha20-1 for Debian on Debian GNU/Linux unstable,
kernel 2.4.18.


Wouter de Bie

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