Patch: convenience feature for non-domain clients

Jon. Hallett jjh at
Wed Oct 9 15:03:01 GMT 2002

Attached is a patch against SAMBA_2_2 that we find useful at our site for 
integrating our domain-member Samba servers with our non-domain-member clients.

The background to this is that our Samba servers use "security = domain" 
authentication for user accounts, but not all our Windows clients are 
members of the domain, with the result that the clients often want to map 
shares using non-domain "clientname\user" style accounts.

The patch implements an "ignore client domain" option which forces Samba to 
use the server's own domain when authenticating users, ignoring the domain 
part of the username provided by the client.

This is particularly useful for sites converting from "security = server" 
to "security  = domain" who don't want to go around their clients adding 
domain parts to all the usernames with which they map shares.

Hope this is of use to someone else,

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