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Wed Oct 9 08:01:00 GMT 2002

This is a funnel between named pipes (ncacn_np) and a TCP/IP DCE RPC
server running on the local host (ncacn_ip_tcp).

The OSF DCE runtime is required, because the endpoint mapper client
stubs are used. You could rewrite this to not require the DCE runtime
but, if you need this code, you probably already have the runtime.

You should apply the patch to srv_pipe_hnd.c, and add srv_dce_funnel.c
to the Makefile. Services not registered in the endpoint mapper will
fall back to the SAMBA implementation.

You will also need to compile with -DNCACN_IP_TCP_FUNNEL.

Also, there is support for forwarding NTLM credentials via a temporary

Thanks to the SAMBA team for making the named pipe API easy to extend!

Luke Howard <lukeh at padl.com>
PADL Software Pty Ltd
August 26, 2002

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