[PATCH] winbindd use flat files (2nd revision)

Josh Durham jdurham at vt.edu
Wed Oct 9 02:48:00 GMT 2002

Jerry and the list,

I've got the final patch for doing the flat file UID lookup ready.

It's a solution, that works for me in the short term, but I'd like to 
work on something that is more useful.  Right now my patch just uses 
regular UNIX passwd and group files to do a UID/GID lookup before it 
tries to dynamically allocate.

Basically, I was wondering what was meant by "hook for utilizing a 
centralized winbindd id map database".  Who's idea that was, and 
perhaps get some ideas on what people want regarding this.

Also, I finally did do testing with the samba-3.0alpha20 patch.  It 
worked fine, but i just checked it with an ADS setup.  (Which worked 
very well, I was impressed.)

These patches are completely different than the ones before.  I 
processed the group file incorrectly (I tried using fgetpwent instead 
of fgetgrent).  I tried to make the patches as non-invasive as 
possible; it mostly added code, and didn't change code.  I also redid 
the error checking to use a goto, it made alot more sense and is -much- 
more readable.

Any comments are welcome.  This samba-2.2.5 patch has been in use on a 
production system for about 4-5 days now and it works as intended.

ps.  Mike, I havn't had a chance to look at your stuff yet.. I probably 
should. :)
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