winbindd and missing 0x1c role on UNICAST_SUBNET

Kevin Stefanik kstef at
Tue Oct 8 15:42:00 GMT 2002

Okay, then.  I'm attaching what I'm using... I just moved your registration 
line into the _success function so it gets called for each subnet (basically 
subnet->ip) on which the server successfully registers 0x1c.  I'll just hope 
that 2.2.6 will have this fixed one way or another and I can go back to 
(nearly) stock sambas.

Thanks again,

On Tuesday 08 October 2002 11:12 am, Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE wrote:
> > I do have one question, though.  If a samba PDC has multiple interfaces,
> > would you want the PDC role registered with the PDC's ip on each
> > interface?  I think that would be accomplished if your
> > insert_permanent_name_into_unicast were moved inside the subnet list
> > loop, and called for each subnet instead of FIRST_SUBNET.   Or maybe I
> > don't understand how the unicast subnet works?
> Jerry and Jeremy will take care of that problem. I don't really understand
> nmbd well enough.
> Volker
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