Funny NetLogon behaviour with Win2K logging onto a Samba domain

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Mon Oct 7 05:02:01 GMT 2002


In looking at a trace of a Win2K box logging onto a Samba PDC, I see the 
following behaviour:

--> Bind: UUID NetLogon
<-- Bind: Ack
--> NetLogon SamLogon request
<-- NetLogon SamLogon reply, seems to be OK but no info
--> Bind: UUID NetLogon
<-- Bind: Ack
--> NetLogon ServerReqChallenge Req
<-- NetLogon ServerReqChallenge Resp
--> NetLogon ServerAuthenticate2 Req
<-- NetLogon ServerAuthenticate2 Resp
--> NetLogon SamLogon Req
<-- NetLogon SamLogon Resp (with full info)

Does anyone know why this happens?

Richard Sharpe, rsharpe at, rsharpe at, 
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