Recent Upgrade to Fix SNAP Server Problem

Irving Carrion debian at
Fri Oct 4 15:20:01 GMT 2002

The problem was that I could not see the domain users list in the SNAP
with Samba version 2.2.3a.  So..... I was told that if I upgraded to the
latest SAMBA cvs version that it will work.  And it does work now, it's
just that A LOT of other things don't (Like DOMAIN ADMINS...yes I did
man smbgroupedit... and still no go).  And, some of the documentation is
wrong so I'm pretty much stuck.  My only option is to mess around with
the code (Although I no C/C++... NO THANKS!).  

I could always go back to the previous version I had but then what is
the guarantee that your patch works....

Anyway this is free software... so what do I expect?  

I still have the utmost respect for all open-source developers who do
this on their free time. 


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Are you only having these problems when going through the SNAP server?
If you 
need snaps to authenticate via 2.2.x, I have a patch for that, but the
group list doesn't work.

If you're using 3.0 for another reason, the SNAPs use an older API that 
doesn't (yet) get the group names for a user through the new groupdb or
mapping mechanisms in 3.0.   

Also, I think the new group mapping mechanism will take precedence over
domain admin group. See the group-mapping howto for more details.

Kevin Stefanik

PS: If someone can point out the preferred mechanism for taking a user
and turning it into a list of groups, I can fix that rNetUserGetGroups
API to 
do so.  I have some code to use the groupdb.c stuff, but last time I
that wasn't being used anywhere else.

On Wednesday 02 October 2002 10:59 am, Irving Carrion wrote:
> Greetings!
> We just recently upgraded from Samba 2.2.3a to 2.999+3.0cvs20 and are
> having a few problems.  The "domain admin group" that used to work in
> the previous version no longer does. According to the docs
> smb.conf.5.html the command is still there and still active.
> I have missed something... can anyone relay some info my way.
> Also testparm has reported that I am using "wins support" and "wins
> server" commands in the smb.conf file, but I am NOT.  All I have is "
> wins support = Yes".
> Any info on the postscript error below would help but not critical at
> this point.
> I'm running testparm on my smb.conf and I get the following errors:
> Unknown parameter encountered: "domain admin group"
> Ignoring unknown parameter "domain admin group"
> WARNING: The "postscript" option is deprecated
> ERROR: both 'wins support = true' and 'wins server = <server>' cannot
> set in the smb.conf file. nmbd will abort with this setting. ///ERRORS
> Any help would be Gratefully appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!

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