smbgroupedit and ldap groups?

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Fri Oct 4 09:22:00 GMT 2002

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> HI Eddie,
> >I am willing to try this, but I thought the "admin users" parameter
> >primairily is used in the services section and not as a global parameter?
> >So this parameter would only affect rights on a service.
> >
> >Am I right or wrong?
> a parameter marked as service parameter only says that you can specify it
> seperate for each service or use the default value of this parameter from
> the global section.
> so each service AND global parameter are in the globals section.
> metze
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Hi Metze,

Then I guess the smb.conf html page should be adapted accordingly:

- From smb.conf.5.html:

admin users (S)

This is a list of users who will be granted administrative privileges on the
share. This means that they will do all file operations as the super-user
You should use this option very carefully, as any user in this list will be
able to do anything they like on the share, irrespective of file

Default: no admin users

Example: admin users = jason

See what I mean?


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