Prevent login on many machines (continue)

Marcus Grando marcus at
Thu Oct 3 18:50:00 GMT 2002


I write script Python for use on preexec and postexec.

On share netlogon, i have a preexec and postexec. Preexec add on .db file
user "%u", and IP "%I" on logon, and postexec remove this keys on .db

On share netlogon i have the "root preexec close = yes".

When user log, the script add correctly the "user" and "IP", but when
user logout samba delay many times to execute postexec. I look in

This delay its normal? The client is Windows XP.

But the realy error is, if exist "user" on .db file, the "root preexec
close" not work. The Windows continue logon correctly.

Any ideia?

My netlogon
   comment = Network Logon Service
   path = /home2/samba/netlogon
   browseable = no
   guest ok = yes
   writable = no
   write list = @ti
   create mask = 0664
   directory mask = 0775
   root preexec = /root/teste/ -a %u %I
   root preexec close = yes
   root postexec = /root/teste/ -r %u


Marcus Grando
Tecnologia da Informação
<marcus at big dot univali dot br>
<marcus at sbh dot eng dot br>

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