[PATCH] sam backend parameter

jra at dp.samba.org jra at dp.samba.org
Thu Oct 3 17:20:01 GMT 2002

On Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 09:25:39PM +1000, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> I've seen Volker's patches, and I think that passdb can be made to work
> for the needs of 3.0, but it is messy.  I believe the code as it
> *currently stands* can support 'net rpc vampire', but will consult
> volker more closely on this matter.  I'm very impressed with voker's
> work in doing many of the things that were not thought possible with
> passdb.

net rpc vampire is one of the most important elements of 3.0.
Anything that makes this function easier is a major priority.
If fixing the passdb backend gets us there then let's do that
and experiment with the SAM stuff later.


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