Server name being truncated in Winbindd

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Thu Oct 3 13:57:00 GMT 2002

      Finally got a chance to try upgrade and 3.0alpha20 does resolve the

Gerald Carter <jerry at> on 09/30/2002 08:58:09 AM

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On Thu, 26 Sep 2002 chuckg at wrote:

> I am runing Samba-3.0-alpha18 winbindd and attempting to join a w2k
> domain that has a 15 character server name.. as you can see from the log
> below the name gets truncated to 14 characters which then results in the
> NT_STATUS_INVALID_COMPUTER_NAME when attempting authentication....I am
> not at work to look at the code but I did notice the message from
> convert_string() about requiring 16 character and only 15 being
> available.. This works fine if the domain name is less than 15
> characters...

Can you retest against 3.0alpha20 ?  Thanks.

cheers, jerry
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