[PATCH] sam backend parameter

Herbert Lewis herb at sgi.com
Tue Oct 1 15:25:01 GMT 2002

Eddie Lania wrote:
> >  Well, I'm starting to think our syntax is just getting too complex.  All
> >  the 'solutions' for putting 'domain' in there just look ugly!
> >
> >  Some poor admin has to construct this line, and even if they don't use
> >  multidomain stuff (and that's almost everybody), then have to read the
> >  doco that attempts to explain it.
> >
> >  I think we should remove the DOMAIN bit compleatly, and allow backends
> >  to store both their own SID and thier domain name.  If they don't 'know'
> >  it, then they can either chose the default, or use a 'parametric option'
> >  to specify it.
> What about using the WORKGROUP parameter as the default domain vallue?
> And an extra parameter like "multiple domain support =
> False|DOMAIN1,DOMAIN2,etc"?
> It's just an idea, I am not a developper myself tough.
> Eddie.

I don't think the WORKGROUP parameter is the right one. winbindd has
the same problem when you specify "use default domain = yes". It 
chooses the WORKGROUP but that is not always what is wanted. Many
people have a setup where all user accounts are in an authentication
domain and all machines go into different resource domains with 
trust relationships set up between the domains. In this case it would
be nice for winbindd to use the default authentication domain not the
resource domain listed in WORKGROUP for the user/group mapping. 
Unfortunately I think we need another parameter other than WORKGROUP
to specify the default domain to give us the flexibility for cases 
like this.

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