[PATCH] sam backend parameter

Eddie Lania e.lania at elton.nl
Tue Oct 1 11:01:00 GMT 2002

>  Well, I'm starting to think our syntax is just getting too complex.  All
>  the 'solutions' for putting 'domain' in there just look ugly!
>  Some poor admin has to construct this line, and even if they don't use
>  multidomain stuff (and that's almost everybody), then have to read the
>  doco that attempts to explain it.
>  I think we should remove the DOMAIN bit compleatly, and allow backends
>  to store both their own SID and thier domain name.  If they don't 'know'
>  it, then they can either chose the default, or use a 'parametric option'
>  to specify it.

What about using the WORKGROUP parameter as the default domain vallue?
And an extra parameter like "multiple domain support =

It's just an idea, I am not a developper myself tough.


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