Running smbd and nmbd using daemontools!!

Michael Handler handler-list-samba-technical at
Tue Oct 1 01:30:01 GMT 2002

Gerald Carter <jerry at> writes:

> > > I want to run samba using the combination of daemontools and
> Anyone know where the daemontools patch is at ?  I've been meaning to look 
> at getting it in one of these days.

I was the one who generated the patch initially. As luck would have
it, I've just emerged from my new job with enough spare time to
work on this again. I suspect the patch I generated back in the day
won't apply cleanly against the current codebase, but I'll be glad
to regenerate it and resubmit it. I'll go test this shortly.

My intention was to generate it against CVS head for inclusion into
3.0; would you also like a version against 2.2.6pre2 for inclusion into
that next release?


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