2nd attempt: Modify location of printerdriverfiles

"Kätzler, Ralf" Ralf.Kaetzler at SenGSV.verwalt-berlin.de
Thu Nov 28 10:22:01 GMT 2002


Maybe this time someone can give me a hint - or is my english that bad - so that nobody can catch the point - or my question is posted to the false list?
Please each answer is welcome! Thank you!

>Hello, Samba-Team, hello samba-freaks!
>My question/problem:
>I like to use a samba-server as printer-server for about >500 users with ~ 40 different printers.
>The client OS is NT4 or XP. The problem I encountered is that there are printerdrivers out there which use for different models dlls with the same name but the dlls are not
>compatible - great!! - ! So only the last installed printer works flawless, because the dll for the other model is overwritten during driverinstall.
>My question: Is there a tool, which allows save tempering with the *.tdb, to change the path to the driverfiles or to change the behavior to rpc "getdriverinfo"?
>This way it would be possible to create an own driver-directory-structur and all those printerdriver related problems are gone...

Btw.: Redhat 8.0 and latest Samba.
Calling the printermanufactor is hopeless. The only answer I got is: This must be a problem  with your OS... thanks for your help. :(


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