Smb passwords > 8 chars

Olaf Flebbe o.flebbe at
Thu Nov 28 09:29:01 GMT 2002


samba 2.2.7

A samba server with encrypted paawords on Solaris8 does not correctly handle 
passwords containing more than eight characters. A local smbclient can correctly 
handle this situation, but NT 4.0 and W2K cannot connect to a share protected 
with encrypted password 9 chars long. The newly ported LynxOS Server shows the 
same problem ;-)

Samba servers on Linux/ix86, Freebsd/x86, IRIX 6.5, HPUX 11, AIX 4.3 does not 
show this problem.

The smbpasswd file of account with an password "aphrodite" looks like this on 
Solaris and LynxOS:


on the other OS'es it looks like:


Or have I missed a crucial patch on Solaris8? It is on a quite recent 
maintenance release.

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