add VFSLIBDIR to 3_0

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu Nov 28 04:56:00 GMT 2002

On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 05:01:52PM +0000, John H Terpstra wrote:

> > > >Great that you decided, but no one told me about that.
> > > >And the Makefile had them going to $(LIBDIR).
> Every time any of us make any change to a path for any file - PLEASE BE
> AWARE: It may affect our binary packaging, may break it, and may cause
> problems.
> This type of change is Not trivial. Please, please email Jerry and myself
> any time you need to make such a change. We may miss postings to the
> mailing lists. I am usually right up to date with email (unless
> travelling), but often a few days behind on samba mailing lists.

Or people could try building the RPMs after making a pathname related
change or adding a new binary rather than find out everything is broken 
just before a release.

Don't forget ccache is your friend when debugging RPMs.  


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