Samba 3.0 alpha 20 problem with timegm->mktime() on HP-UX

P Ranjit Kumar ranjit at
Thu Nov 28 00:07:00 GMT 2002


I had a problem with net ads join on HP-UX. I used mktime() instead of the
timegm() that was used in Samba 3.0 alpha 20.

net ads join gives error saying that the times are out of sync (Windows 2000
DC and Samba HP Unix Box)

But they are in perfectly in sync. mktime() interprets the time as local
time (PST8PDT). You need to set the TZ environment variable to GMT to solve
the problem and get it working.

If I come up with a programatic solution to this issue, I will leave it on
the mailing list.

- Ranjit
@ HP CIFS Team.

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