Jay Ts jay at
Tue Nov 26 18:26:00 GMT 2002

Dave Satterthwaite wrote:
> Problem is the UNIX server becomes master browser for our NT domain.
> Read documentation and have made recommended changes to smb.conf, but still
> the same.
> Any ideas.

Yes - please include enough information in your email to help
us help you. Don't require us to be clairvoyant.

1. Specify the symptoms clearly.
2. What documentation did you read, what "recommended changes"
   did you make?  Include your smb.conf with your question.
3. Run ethereal and watch the elections for master
   browser when Samba starts up.
4. Check for error messages in the Samba log files.

What is the problem with the Samba server being master
browser? Is it or is it not the PDC?  If it is, then
you _definitely_want_ it to be the master browser *and*
domain master browser.  If it is not the PDC, then you
don't want it becoming master browser, and you can try
the following in your smb.conf:

	local master = no
	domain master = no
	preferred master = no
	os level = 0

(The first line, local master = no, should be
sufficient, I think.)  Run testparm to check your
smb.conf file for errors, then restart the Samba
server (smbd and nmbd).

Jay Ts

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