3.0.20 Alpha configure on AIX4.3 for -lcom_err broken

Nik Conwell nik at bu.edu
Mon Nov 25 19:29:00 GMT 2002

> Could you check whether your com_err library contains the _et_list symbol?
> You can request a list of symbols in a library using nm /path/to/library
> usually.

10:20:55 acsn08 [source] nm /usr/local/krb5-1.2.6/lib/libcom_err.a |grep _et_list
_et_list             D       1108       4
_et_list             d       1052       4

man nm shows:

    The nm command represents the file's symbol type with one of the following


    D Global data symbol.

    d Local data symbol.

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