Shared roaming profiles for all users (XP)?

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Sat Nov 23 05:13:01 GMT 2002

On Sat, 2002-11-23 at 15:57, John H Terpstra wrote:
> On Sat, 23 Nov 2002, xfesty wrote:
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> > Hiya.
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> > Is there anyway to make non changable roaming profiles for all users
> > with XP workstations, and Samba 3.0HEAD from CVS acting as a PDC?
> I documented the exact process for you earlier today. Please refer to the
> expressly clear instructions given for creating a mandatory profile for
> Windows XP.
> If you do not follow this process you will not achieve what you need.
> A mandatory profile is precisely what you need - a profile that no user
> can change. It can not be read-only, but it is not writable. To be
> writable NTUser needs to ba a .DAT file, the .MAN extension blocks
> writability. To be usable by a group of users the profile needs to be set
> so that the ACE includes that group. The group can either be a global
> group, or the global/local group called "Everyone".

I'm interested in how this lot works - the .man stops NT uploading the
changes - but does it still need write permissions or not?  I'm just
worried about users deliberately messing with their profiles.

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