Shared roaming profiles for all users (XP)?

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Sat Nov 23 05:02:01 GMT 2002

On Sat, 2002-11-23 at 14:46, xfesty wrote:
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> Hiya.
> Is there anyway to make non changable roaming profiles for all users 
> with XP workstations, and Samba 3.0HEAD from CVS acting as a PDC?
> I'm setting up a bunch of workstations for an internet cafe, and all 
> users need to basically have the same settings (i.e. desktop icons, 
> Internet Explorer settings, start menu items, etc.) as others, yet not 
> be able to change them.
> I tried setting the profile dir to the same for all users, and making 
> it read only, but I'm experiencing two problems -
> (1) XP will refuse to load the profile if its read-only, and
> (2) XP won't load the profile if it wasn't created by the same user.
> I'm also finding cookies in IE sometimes aren't being properly set, 
> people can't view hotmail attachments, MSN messenger refuses to work, 
> and a bunch of other oddities.
> Anyway past this?  I remember back when I was using Windows 2K Server 
> as a PDC, it was possible to have this.

If the ntuser.dat is renamed, and you make the profile owned
by root, read-only to the suer, and you set root to have rid 500 in
LDAP, does it work?  

(ie add root to ldap, then change the RID).

I think this is the standard way this is done on NT.

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