Shared roaming profiles for all users (XP)?

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Is there anyway to make non changable roaming profiles for all users 
with XP workstations, and Samba 3.0HEAD from CVS acting as a PDC?

I'm setting up a bunch of workstations for an internet cafe, and all 
users need to basically have the same settings (i.e. desktop icons, 
Internet Explorer settings, start menu items, etc.) as others, yet not 
be able to change them.

I tried setting the profile dir to the same for all users, and making 
it read only, but I'm experiencing two problems -

(1) XP will refuse to load the profile if its read-only, and
(2) XP won't load the profile if it wasn't created by the same user.

I'm also finding cookies in IE sometimes aren't being properly set, 
people can't view hotmail attachments, MSN messenger refuses to work, 
and a bunch of other oddities.

Anyway past this?  I remember back when I was using Windows 2K Server 
as a PDC, it was possible to have this.


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