reload smb.conf & terminate connections

Martin Rasp mrasp at
Fri Nov 22 23:09:01 GMT 2002


I'm developing a command line tool (a GUI is following) for easily sharing 
local directories as an unprivileged user. I've almost finished it, but 
there is one thing that's still bothering me.

After adding shares smbd reloads its config file (via SIGHUP). Under Windows 
new shares appear immediately. If removing a share, samba reloads the 
smb.conf but it has no effect on established connections. I can still 
access the share even though it has been removed. If a client copies a file 
the connection should be killed.

Smbstatus provides the necessary information I need. I could search for a 
share name which I just removed and kill all those pids - with the side 
effect that other connections that are handled by that child process will 
be terminated, too. :-(

Can I access those functions through a samba library? I don't want to call 
the smbstatus program directly - if possible.

How do you think I could solve the problem best?


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