Samba 2.7 and SNAP Server

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Fri Nov 22 20:02:20 GMT 2002

On Sat, 2002-11-23 at 02:15, Irving Carrion wrote:
> I hope someone can extend some advice to help us solve our problem.
> A couple of months ago we were told to upgrade to SAMBA 3.0 so that the
> SNAP server could read the domain users in SAMBA PDC.  It works... it
> worked GREAT!!  
> The problem lies that there are some basic functionalities that don't
> work like for example allowing the client (w2k) to change his/her own
> password.  Also, many clients are told that there passwords will expire
> in NUM amount of days.  These are some of the problems we're
> experiencing.  

That's interesting - I wasn't aware of bugs in that area.  

> I've read on the mailing lists that most of these problems have been
> solved in the latest CVS version.  We currently run debian so.... we
> rely on the package maintainer to put out the latest version.  Currently
> the latest version of SAMBA on Debian is 2.999+3.0.alpha20-3.  None of
> these problems have been fixed in this version.  My questions are:
> 1.  Does Samba 2.7 have SNAP support?

Not as far as I know.  (and It's 2.2.7).

> 2.  Is compiling the latest CVS my only solution?

Probably - the Debian folks were waiting for Jerry to release another
'official' alpha, but he has since been busy with things like the 2.2.7

> 3.  Can anyone think of anything else we could do?

For the password expiry, you can set the 'does not expire' flag on each
account (It's X in the account flags) or use pdbedit to change the 'max
password age' to some really large value, and remove the relevant
attributes from LDAP.  (Falling back to defaults).

(I intend to rework this before 3.0, so that the default 'max password
age' is some really large value, making it work like smbpasswd).

I'm not sure what would cause users to be unable to change their

> P.S.  I purposely posted this on the technical list of SAMBA as I don't
> think a regular user would know whether SAMBA 2.7 has SNAP support.
> Please forgive me if this was a mistake.  

I certainly don't mind 3.0 questions being here, while it's in alpha,
and while the questions are more than simple config stuff.

Andrew Bartlett

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