[PATCH] add 'modules path' and handle 'configure --with-configdir' right

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at nl.linux.org
Fri Nov 22 12:24:01 GMT 2002

On Fri, Nov 22, 2002 at 11:36:48AM +0100, Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
> Hi Jelmer,
> here's a patch that added the 'modules path' parameter.
> lp_modules_path() is prefixed to all lp_modules() witch are not start with 
> '/' (not absolute pathes)
> the default for lp_modules_path() is selectable by ./configure 
> --with-modulesdir=/modules
> or $(LIBDIR)/samba  (when  --with-fhs) or $(LIBDIR)
> make installmodules install the modules to lp_modules_path()
> make modules now makes proto_exist
Thanks a lot! These were on my todo list.I'll take a look at it later today 
(when I get back home, I'm currently at school)

> there's a new file modules/Makefile.ext_modules.in:
> here can extern modules be added then they're also catches by 'make modules'
I'm not so sure about this one - we should rather have a mechanism with which 
external developers can compile modules without requiring the samba source code - and they can always add their module to Makefile.in and add it to $MODULES there.


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