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Daryl Boyd dboyd at
Thu Nov 21 21:52:00 GMT 2002

I'm having a similar problem with 2.2.6 and Windows XP.
I opened ticket 25972.

Details Summary, see the ticket for complete info:
I have a directory with 166 files. If I run a ls | tee ~/t.1 | wc a 
couple of times I get different number of files. I extracted the files 
that where missing and compared them to tcpdump traces I have and they 
all seem to be the last entry in a packet of the listing that tcpdump 
has trouble displaying. I get:

 (DF) (ttl 64, id 6633, len 128)
11:45:45.293225 > 
. [tcp sum ok] 16927:18387(1460) ack 576 win 63844
 >>> NBT Packet
NBT Session Packet
Length=2160 (0x870)
WARNING: Short packet. Try increasing the snap length (1456)

I have the snap length set to 0 which should capture the whole frame.  I 
can provide the complete traces and well as ANY other info required to 
fix this. I also have another complete setup experiencing similar problems.

I'm quite techinical, but haven't had time to crack the lid on the samba 
code, and don't know if I can afford the time right now.

I haven't tried the patch listed below yet. What is bug number, or 
description of the known issue holding it back from release?

Thanks for your help,

 From an email in the technical-samba list.

>On Tue, 5 Nov 2002, Jeff Ames wrote:
>>/ This sounds like the same problem as the bug reports 21471, 21407, 21561,
>/>/ and 21694 discuss, but I couldn't find a solution anywhere.  I'm just
>I guess I should update those...
>>/ writing to add a data point, and also to ask whether there is any known
>/>/ fix or workaround for this at the time.  If this would be better submitted
>/>/ as a bug report instead of this list, please let me know.
>There is a known problem with win2k listings. It doesn't like us using the
>continue bit at all. You should be able to trigger this with smbclient
>Try this patch for 2.4.19
>It changes smbfs to use the same method as win2k does when listing files
>on another win2k machine (there is a lot of other stuff in there too,
>including >2G files and unicode).
>Note that there is a known report of this breaking listings vs NT4, which
>is why the change hasn't been made in the official kernel yet.
>I have been meaning to compare what win2k sends to and NT4 when listing
>and see if it does anything differently from win2k<->win2k. I guess it
>could be a NT4/non-unicode-client issue.
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