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> Hi all,
> FYI, just a warning/note. I read my email on mutt from
> When I get an html formatted email I just hit 'D' (delete) without
> looking at the contents. I think many other Samba Team members do
> the same.
> If you send an urgent plea for help and it's html formatted then
> I doubt anyone in the Samba Team will ever see it.
> html formatted email is 99.9% spam, and gets treated as such.
> Just thought that people might like to know that....
> Jeremy.

I've told hundreds of people this, is there any way you can put it in the
sign up mail or on the mailing list page or something or just filter all
HTML mail out of the list as it really bugs me (and I presume most other
people) and it would also nullify the spam issues that seem to be getting


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