Samba and the passwd -r nis command

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Tue Nov 19 15:19:00 GMT 2002

On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 06:27:59PM +0000, jason.walton at wrote:

> cheers for that, but I'm not bothered about using windows to change the
> password, most of the users are unix based and could be cajoled into using
> smbpasswd, I can always set up another password change system for the
> windows only users (I seem to remember using http at my last company, to
> synchronise passwords), having a standard system for changing passwords
> will make everyone happy.

> The smbpasswd command looks to do the trick, I give it a plaintext old
> password and it knows about it. All I want is to be able to pass this onto
> smbd and the chgpasswd module.

> thanks for the input though, as I hadn't thought about the windows side of
> things.

Ah, that may give you a few other options.  Unfortunately, the preferred
password change protocol used by smbpasswd (when not running as root)
will still not give Samba the old plaintext password; and even if it did,
you could not easily prevent password changes from Windows clients that
would muck up your synchronization.  However, if password changes are
being done exclusively from the commandline, you could make your 'passwd'
command a wrapper which passes the old plaintext password to both the
real 'passwd' command and to 'smbpasswd' as needed.  Depending on the
platform, this might also be doable using PAM, though I don't know what
module to recommend for PAM-based NIS password changes.

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