Samba and the passwd -r nis command

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Mon Nov 18 17:51:00 GMT 2002

On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 05:31:10PM +0000, jason.walton at wrote:

> I have set up a Samba server as a PDC, but want to be able to set passwords
> via NIS, for this end (the NIS server could be on any machine, the PDC
> could be on any machine) I need the passwd -r NIS command to work.
> I have trolled through the code but have come up against a problem, that
> being that the code doesn't pass the old unix password through the code, it
> looks like smbpasswd reads it in and passes it onto smbd to change.
> Could anybody tell me if a patch has been applied to solve this problem (I
> know the code says samba PDC must be run on the NIS master, but that isn't
> practical is our environment).

> I tracked the piece of code down to this bit in smbd\chgpasswd.c, the
> second argument should be the old unix password but isn't known in this
> module. I will keep on looking for a way around this, but any help /
> pointers to patches that fix this, are appreciated.

Er, that's a limitation of the way Windows clients send password changes.
You're not going to be able to synchronize a Samba PDC to a remote NIS
master, because the Samba server never *has* the plaintext of the old

If running the Samba PDC on the NIS master is not practical for your
environment, then password synchronization between NIS and the PDC is not
practical for your environment.

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