Trying to join a Solaris 8 box to Windows 2000 AD.

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Sorry Andrew, I may have mislead you here. In the pre CVS version I tried
timegm would not compile under Solaris without changing timegm to mktime in
ldap.c. With the newer CVS version I have not made any mods to ldap.c (as
you stated earlier this was a bug that was fixed) and all compiled OK with
mods to the 
Configure commands as detailed earlier.
With the new CVS code unmodified timegm I get the Clock Skew problem. 
You say I have a 10+ hour problem, but where and how, and how can this be

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On Thu, 2002-11-14 at 08:23, Clive.Elsum at wrote:
> I can still not get net ads working with Solaris 8.
> With the new CVS code and the mod to timegm in ldap.c The ned ads command
> now fails with Clock Skew, Preauthentication failed, invalid credentials

Well, if you modified that function, then you probably now have a +10
hour problem in the time.  Samba uses the time the ldap server sends to
avoid time skew problems, hence having those timegm() functions in the
first place...  

Andrew Bartlett

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