"PANIC: failed to set gid" on Jaguar

Jon L.Gardner jon at food.tamu.edu
Wed Nov 13 06:13:02 GMT 2002

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All together now: "Yes, Jon, there *is* something funky going on with 
Samba on Jaguar...unless, of course, you do the smart thing and use the 
version Apple includes with the OS, since it actually does what you 
want it to do now!"


Somehow I always end up answering my own questions when I join this 
list. Hope this helps someone avoid the frustration I've been 
experiencing. Signing off, once again! :)


On Monday, November 11, 2002, at 09:22 AM, Jon L.Gardner wrote:

> Is there something funky going on with the assert_gid function under 
> Mac OS X 10.2.1? Anytime I try to pull a browse list from my 10.2.1 
> Samba server (2.2.6, configured as a PDC), from any Windows client, 
> the client says that the network is not available, and I get the 
> "PANIC: failed to set gid" error in log.smbd.

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