adding automatically a computer account to samba using ldap backend

MURVAI-BUZOGANY Laszlo scissors at
Tue Nov 12 15:50:04 GMT 2002


I am trying to make a samba-ldap powered pdc, but encountered a problem,
which I really don't understand. It's about adding a machine to the domain
(im my case a Win2k) automatically. It appears like smbd is trying to find
the machine in the database, but it doesn't succeed. Well, this is good,
since the machine wasn't put in yet. But, when willing to create a new
account for it, it still wants to get the passwd struct belonging to
<machine_name>$ (there is a sys_getpwnam calling a getpwnam). Why is it
looking for an _existing_ account when trying to create one? Is this how it
is ment to be?

Murvai-Buzogány László                  Laszlo.Murvai-Buzogany at

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