Write down the "migration document"

Tommaso Di Donato t.didonato at artespa.it
Mon Nov 11 10:19:00 GMT 2002

At 15.55 09/11/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>If you're not in hurry wait for samba 3.0, otherwise you may use pwdum
>plus the utility richard sharpe has just released to change the SID in
>the profiles to have a smoother transition.

I think I can wait (even if I'll try also the migration with samba 2.2.x). ;)
But I would like to help you testing things out, so I would like to know 
what to try in Samba3.0alpha. this is the main reason I would like to find 
documentation about migration utilities in 3.0.
So, if I would like to test "net rpc vampire", what are the steps? I can 
guess: set up my winNT PDC and my lan, connect a linux box, use the 
command.... But my question is: to use "vampire", the linux box must have 
joined the domain (as a standalone workstation, for example), or must be 
"outside" the windows network?

>Btw you cannot yet move only the PDC or the BDC to samba, it is an all
>or nothing situation

Yes, I know this very well... I was thinking about these steps: migrate 
PDC, and,later, set up a BDC.

Thank you very much!

Tommaso "dido" Di Donato

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