Error code 0

Nir Soffer nirs at
Sun Nov 10 13:53:01 GMT 2002

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> The samba-technical at is for developer discussions.
> It is rare and unusual for a message to be appropriate for 
> both lists.  
> Please, folks, don't cross-post unless it's really the right 
> thing to do.
> For error code listings, see the nterr.h and/or doserr.h files in 
> samba/source/include/.  You can also look at:
> r_codes.asp?frame=false

Err. AFAIK, "error code 0" means "Success", in nearly every errno system
I've seen, btw.

I've seen an error code 0 once in Samba, and I was told it has to do
with the peer "going away". Since the packet doesn't exist or is all
zeroed out in these cases, extraction of the error code field in the
packet results in a "0". This is what gets reported to the end user.

Am I right?

> Finally, when posting a request for help to the 
> samba at mailing
> list, please include all relevant information, including the 
> version of
> Samba, and the OS type and version of both client and server.  Without
> context, no one can help you.

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