[Samba] passwd command problem with Solaris/winbind/pam

Mike Gerdts Michael.Gerdts at alcatel.com
Fri Nov 8 18:45:01 GMT 2002

On Fri, 2002-11-08 at 13:28, DeStefano, Paul wrote:
> Now, one problem.  nscd (Name Service Caching Daemon) will now run!  That
> sounds good, right, because normally when winbind is in nsswitch.conf, nscd
> bails?  Well, when nscd is running, name resolution is done by nscd, NOT the
> application, so our fopen(2) override is ineffective.  nscd doesn't crash,
> but doesn't resolve through winbind either, so smbd fails to lookup Windows
> Domain accounts.  Solution: turn off nscd, easy as that.

I fixed this problem (or one very close to it) a long time ago.  Please
verify that the version of winbind that you are running has this patch.



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