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>I wanted to get to the bottom of 'what does/should happen with
>concurrent usrmgr sessions'.
>Simple test - and it appears that on NT4, there is no locking, no
>'conflicting changes' warning, and simply the last man stands!
>The last user to click OK updates all the basic info, as per the SAMR
>At this point we need to decide how to handle this in Samba.  So far,
>I've been trying to work on a model where we only record the differences
>between the values sent to the client, and the values returned.  This
>allows us to avoid macro expansion, and hopefully gives a more useful
>set of behaviour.
>So, what do people think?  Is this the right way forward?  Or should we
>strictly emulate NT4 (not possible - as far as I can tell - given macro

I think we shouldn't emulate NT4 here!
it produces much useless write operations to the pdb and play very badly 
together with pdb_ldap.
but what is left to do is to delete empty attributes with pdb_ldap...

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