Network Path was not found

Azri Abdul Majid emajid_may at
Thu Nov 7 01:59:00 GMT 2002

Hi everybody,

I am using two pcs which is windows 2000 pro and linux redhat 7.2. Before 
this I used to connect between windows 2000 professional and linux redhat 7. 
My ip address is via DCHP. I have installed samba 2.2.6 under redhat 
machine. Everything run smoothly. Until one day, when I want to access my 
linux machine from my windows 2000 pro, an error occured "//hostname is not 
accessible, Network Path was not Found". But I can see my linux machine from 
windows 2000. Only I can't access it.

Actually what is the problem that cause me "Network path was not found".

-- axri

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