samba-head bug relating to windows special chars (1/2)

Matthew Geier matthew at
Wed Nov 6 20:09:00 GMT 2002

Quoting Steve Langasek <vorlon at>:

> This problem particularly arises with sites that have *never configured*
> their charset settings in smb.conf, but are nevertheless using non-ASCII
> filenames.  This is ok in 3.0, but was not in 2.2.  Now they switch to
> Samba 3.0, which will negotiate Unicode, and suddenly "passthrough" means
> UCS-2 -- there's no way to even guess what codepage they were using
> before without some nasty filename heuristics, because nothing ever said!

 I'm using Samba 3.0 on a 'production' server as users kept trying to put
Chinese file names on the server with some what less than sucessful results.
Telling them to use English names on the server didn't help, as the Chinese
script ends up in their profile anyway and the profiles would fail to save/load.

 I couldn't even begin to guess what code pages various people would be using on
the client PCs as we amoung other things teach serveral European and Asian
languages. Some do stick to 'USASCII' names, others tend to use names in the
language they are working with.

 We had less than expected pain with corrupt file names when I changed the
server. Most of the problems seem to be related to '3 1/2' in peoples profiles.
But it didn't happen to every body. I can only assume the others never copy
files to their floppy drives. :-)

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